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Mobile Ready

Developed and optimized with your Mobile workforce in mind. Contractors can access your projects from any where they have smartphone or tablet internet access

Easy Invitations

It doesn't matter if you want to invite 10 contractors or 10,000. With just a few clicks they can be instantly notified about your new project.

Up To Date

Keep everybody up to date with instant project update notifications. Just point, click and sit back as Plans Online does the legwork keeping your clients up to date.

Online Previews

Preview your documents right in your browser, no plugins required. Previews are also fully functional on mobile devices.

Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Users

You can create as many projects and invite as many users as you need.

Access Controls

You have full control over who can view, download and manage what.

Complete Audit Logs

You'll know exactly who viewed what and when they viewed it.


Email Notifications

Instant delivery of Email Notifications. No more missed faxes or forgotten mailings. With full logs of email delivery and bounce backs you'll know if your contractor got that addendum.

Standards Compliant

Multi-platform and no plugins required. Everybody with a modern web browser can access your plans room.

Find out what Plans Online can do for you.

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Plans Online

Precision Engineering

Plans Online is the modern way to distribute your projects. If you have current bidding projects or maintainance archives let Plans Online manage your files for you. With easy invitations and update notifications everybody will be working from the same set of documents.


Companies using Plans Online

From private corporations to public utilities Plans Online saves time and money.

Clark Regional Wastewater District

CRWWD uses Plans Online to manage projects ranging from small works to large regional developments

J2 Blueprint

The original developers of the Plans Online software. Manages documents, drawings and artwork for thousands of users in the Portland Metro area.

Mobile Ready

With access to your projects in the field you'll never be looking for current drawings.

Smartphones and Tablets

Small Screen Optimized

Plans Online has been optimized for todays extremely powerful mobile devices. If you've got your phone with you can you send notifications, update your contractors, upload new documents and photos or review project doucments.

Instant status updates

Digital Bidders Lists

By tracking who logs in and views your projects Plans Online is able to automatically generate bidders lsits and project viewers lists. If Joe Contractor has viewed your project 20 times in the past three days, there's a good chance he's going to bid. Stay on top of interest in your projects.

Project Workflow

From Bid to Maintainence Plans Online has you covered.


Invite your contractors, or make your project publicly availible. You'll get an instantly updated list of interested parties as you build your bidders list. Keep everyone up to date with instant notifications.

Dec 24

Bidding Time

Rest easy knowing that everybody has access to the latest versions of your plans and specifications. Double check those oddball low bidders to make sure they downloaded the latest addendas.

Next Month
Jan 26


No more worn out plan sets and lost pages. Everybody has access to the latest documents and can print what they need, when they need it

March 02


Once your project goes into facilities maintenence status you'll know you can allways pull up the project documents at the click of a mouse. No more hunting through mountains of paper for the right plan sheet.

Sept 22

One Place for all your files

Keep your final project files in the cloud for easy access.


Project Activity Revealed

Since you're in the dirvers seat, you can see the road. You know exactly who's been looking at your project and who's planning on bidding. Gone are the days of throwing your projects into the wind and hoping you get good bids.

Instant Access

No matter where you go, there you are.

You'll have instant access to all of your projects no matter where you are. Need to invite the new concrete guy you just met at lunch to bid on your project? Just enter his email address and send the invite! he'll have instant access!

Simplify Bidding Time

Time is Money

How many times have you had a sub contractor call you looking for 'just the XYZ sheets'. With everything in one they wont even need to call, they can just logon and will have access to the latest addendas and everything.


Delegate Control

With fine grained access controls you can give your users access to exactly what they need. Need your architect to be able to manage project documents? no problem. Want to give your project managers full access to their projects? we can do that. Need to accept file uploads from your users? you've got it!

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